What are the Qualifications to be a Marriage and Family Therapist?

Marriage and family therapists aid in the improvement of family communication and understanding to address issues such as alcohol and drug abuse or marital tension. Individual and family therapy are generally included during treatment, lasting anywhere from 12 to 50 sessions. Marriage and family therapists practice in various settings, including mental health facilities, hospitals, treatment centers, government agencies, and postsecondary institutions. They work with clients dealing with significant family issues, which makes the job unpleasant and challenging. Some therapists deliver treatment to patients in their homes.

Steps to Becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist

  • Step 1: A bachelors degree:
  • To prepare for graduate school, the education requirements for marital and family therapists begin with a bachelor’s degree. Most master’s degree programs in marital and family therapy welcome applicants from any major as long as they’ve taken necessary courses in human development, research methodologies, and counseling principles.
  • Step 2: A masters degree:
  • A master’s degree in marriage and family therapy or a similar subject, such as psychology or clinical social work, is required for marriage and family therapists. Students should look for a program accredited by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, as this assures that the curriculum follows national guidelines.
  • Step 3: Clinical experience:
  • All states require marriage and family therapists to complete two years of clinical experience in addition to a master’s degree. Volunteering or working for a charity, charitable organizations, colleges, private practices, or any other entity that provides mental health services can help marriage and family therapists achieve these requirements. This work experience must be supervised by a qualified marriage and family therapist, psychologist, or social worker.
  • Step 4: Licensing exam:
  • Some jurisdictions conduct their exam, while others use the Association of Marital and Family Therapy Regulatory Boards’ Examination in Marital and Family Therapy. This four-hour multiple-choice exam assesses candidates’ understanding of client diagnosis, ethical norms, and therapeutic intervention formulation.

Earning a bachelor’s degree, finishing a master’s degree program, gaining clinical experience, passing the licensing exam, and completing continuing education requirements are all required to become a licensed marital and family therapist.


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