During a time of personal burnout and changes in many areas of my life Reta helped me prepare for situations with my work, personal and family relationships.
I am grateful for her recommendations and observations which helped me navigate towards a happier future.

C.W. VP Insurance Claims

Recovering from Burnout

As a middle-aged man, I’d had to navigate the challenges of raising a family, managing a career and the complexities of relationships as they evolve over time.
More recently, having had mental health challenges specific to Covid, and consider myself lucky to have had her support during these very unusual times.

I have found Reta to be instrumental in helping me learn more about myself, learn about others – while supporting me to develop an approach to come out in the healthiest possible way.

I’ve been very fortunate to benefit Reta’s client many years, and will continue to recommend her to anyone looking for a professional therapist.

T.D. IT Manager


Managing Life and Relationship

Reta Faye has been instrumental in helping me navigate a very difficult time in my life.
She’s gracious, compassionate and wise. She honoured my spirituality during our time together and provided me with the tools needed to facilitate positive, lasting change.
She challenged me to show up for myself so I can be at my best for those I love. I’m forever grateful for her counsel.

R.W. Teacher

Separated and Reconnecting

When I could no longer fix my relationship on my own, I turned to Reta for help. She provided a safe space for my partner and me to share our struggles and frustrations. Through just a few sessions, Reta helped us enormously.

She gave us specific tools to improve our communication, understand our differences, and show love and appreciation for each other.

With Reta’s guidance, we are now on the right path to grow and maintain a loving and nurturing relationship. Thank you, Reta!

G.N. Teacher

Improved Communication

Reta has a wealth of experience helping individuals cope with stress and anxiety.

I have used the tools she has shared with me to help others especially during this very challenging time.

Reta listens with her heart and has incredible insight into what is really troubling at the core. She also offers couples ways of renewing their relationship to find new joy and growth in their life journey together.

JB Speech language pathologist

New Joy and Growth for Couples

Reta supported us with reconnecting in our marriage after feeling distant and strained.
We have two very young children and through job changes and the hectic-ness of life we needed to come back together.
Reta helped us to reconnect and remember what we love about one another.

She normalized what we were experiencing and brought to light how strong and connected we really are. We worked together to notice the bad habits we were falling into and educated us on what we needed to stay connected.

Just the awareness and comfort she provided made all the difference. Happy to say that even through the pandemic we have realized how much we really like and love each other, and every day we mindfully make decisions about our behaviour that keeps us connected and sharing love and, in turn, brings a calm and stable home to our girls. Thanks so much Reta. Feel truly grateful to have been connected with you.

R.S. Social Worker


I have been working with Reta for over 9 years. She has greatly helped me with personal growth, family and marriage relationships over the years.

My marriage would not be as strong as it is now if it weren’t for Reta’s support and skills.

Reta encompasses the professional that you want to work with. She has the right balance of compassion, directness, and experience that are necessary to support you through life’s challenges and she is still my go-to when I need support.

JB Speech language pathologist

Strong Family and Marriage Relationships

Working with Reta has had a significant impact in all areas of my family life. She has an incredible capacity for listening and simplifying that has allowed me to move from feeling anxious, stuck and overwhelmed to grounded and moving forward. What I have learned through working with her has had a positive ripple effect on all of the people in my life.

Her truth. compassion and insight makes her a highly effective relationship counsellor.

I continue to recommend her services and courses to family members and friends, with very positive feedback.


Improved family Life

I was going through a rough time in my romantic relationship, but having Reta as a therapist helped me cope and improve my relationship. Her patience and sound advice made all the difference.

Reta is always there at times of crises, she is someone you can count on when it comes to relationship matters.

With her experience, my partner and I are in a very good place in our relationship and we frequently check in with her to make sure we are on the right track and that we are pursuing the love life that we both were longing for.

M.K. Banking Specialist

Strong Relationship

Reta has a wealth of experience helping individuals cope with stress and anxiety. I have used the tools she has shared with me to help others especially during this very challenging time. Reta listens with her heart and has incredible insight into what is really troubling at the core.

She also offers couples ways of renewing their relationship to find new joy and growth in their life journey together.

M.S. Teacher

Renewed Relationship

Reta is awesome!
I was referred to Reta several years ago. She has helped me in so many areas of my life. She has also helped my son immensely with his anxiety and meeting him now you would never have any idea how much he previously struggled.

Reta is compassionate, kind, supportive and really works with you to set goals and complete exercises to help you to feel better.

She makes the connections between body and mind clear. I personally love the science! I’ve referred several people to her with various issues and all of them are extremely happy with her and the difference she has made in their lives. Whether it’s stress, anxiety, depression, relationships, or other mental health issues, Reta can help.
I am so grateful to have been referred to her and would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a therapist. Reta is truly the best!

T.C. Project Manager

Improved Life

I was referred to Reta and continued seeing her over the years because she is easy to talk to and I enjoy our chats.

I am more grounded and much happier since our first meeting and part of this progress is attributed to spending time with a grounded, supportive and kind therapist.

K.F. Stay at Home Mother

Grounded and Happier

Reta’s warmth and authenticity bring a sense of partnership to her sessions, making you feel she is with you each step of the way.

Her extraordinary skill of facilitating change and growth in individuals or couples is profoundly effective.

Her influence has brought great clarity, insight and more love into my life.
Reta brings forward solutions, techniques and strategies that work and set you on a path for continued success and happiness.
I’m so grateful for her expertise and genuine care and would highly recommend her services.

M.S. Insurance Claims Specialist

Change and Growth

Over the past year, Reta has played an important role in my ongoing pursuit and maintenance of mental health and well-being. I have benefitted from her insights and support around various aspects of my life, including (but not limited to) challenges regarding marriage, work, and family. I particularly appreciate the way in which Reta integrates current research with professional knowledge.

Reta establishes a safe and trusting space within which I have been able to explore my feelings and develop responses that are healthy to both me and the people in my life.

Reta is a patient counsellor, who has helped me better understand myself, as well as the variety of factors that impact my mental health. Through Reta’s counselling I have been able to bolster my self-efficacy and resilience. I am grateful for her guidance, support, and wisdom.

A.D. Teacher

Improved Mental Health

I have seen Reta through-out the last number of years; initially to help me manage my work environment. I had challenging staffing issues where I was constantly questioned and undermined by my staff. Reta helped me look at the culture of the environment and gave me skills to manage employees.

Personal relationships:
I then turned to Reta to deal with my ex-partner and his alcoholism as I knew I needed to have him out of my life and my young son’s as he was not planning to give up alcohol.
By talking to Reta I was again given the tools to make this happen.

A few months ago I reached out to Reta as my mum was dying from cancer, my god mother was rude and disrespectful and my aunt turned on me. I turned to Reta to help me navigate around this and again she gave me my power and tools to help with this situation.

Thank you Reta for being there to help me when I needed it. You are phone call away to book an appointment.

M.R. Nurse Manager

Work and Personal Relationships

Reta brings a sense of calm and compassionate wisdom to our sessions.

She helps to first acknowledge what is true in one’s struggles with relationships or life situation…but also to identify what is true and available within ourselves.

This inward focus on one’s strengths and power is liberating. I have turned to Reta many times over the years and she has always helped guide me with grace and wisdom out of the dark and back into the light. The light of my unique being and my choices.
She is a kind and beautiful soul, gifted in her ability to listen, reflect and counsel with calm and careful consideration and much compassion.

A.B. CEO and Organization Builder

Better Decisions

Reta has enlightened me with her deep insight of the complexity and simplicity of the mind and behaviour. Her warm demeanour allows sessions with her to feel as though you are spending healing time with a wise friend.

She offers lasting strategies, practical tools and empowering exercises that see me through the many seasons of life.

Through my work with Reta I have managed my way through many successes and challenges and am living far more lightly, the greatest gift.

S.S. Successful Business Owner

Practical Tools and Healing Wisdom