Is the family therapy right for us?

There are many issues that not every family therapist can solve, as not every family therapist is a trained family counselor. They receive training in individual counseling and therapies, and in short, they lack expertise in solving and helping a troubled family. Their outdated strategies would never allow, leading to even more conflicts and stressful events in the family.

Upon realizing that the traditional methods do not work, I focus on strategies, processes, and techniques that do work. Humans are social animals, and every person needs to be loved and heard.

An experienced counselor works with clients to overcome barriers and personal issues. Contrary to common belief, going to therapy does not require you to be “crazy,” desperate, or on the verge of a breakdown.

So how would you know that it’s time you see a family therapist.

Therapy benefits everyone at a certain point in life. Here are signs to indicate that you need help from a professional therapist.

  • Not feeling yourself.
  • Continuous mood swings
  • Losing someone important to you
  • Gone through a trauma
  • You cannot focus on your life goals or things you want to do
  • Stressed out all the time

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