In recent research published by the American Psychological Association, it is found out that people who feel older than their peers are more likely to be hospitalized as they age, regardless of their actual age or other demographic factors. The study’s lead author, Yannick Stephan, Ph.D., of the University of Montpellier in France, stated, “Previous research has shown it can affect your wellbeing and other health-related characteristics, and now we know it can predict your likelihood of ending up in the hospital.”

Aging is linked to worse physical and mental health and physiological impairments that can lead to sickness and increased healthcare utilization over time. Furthermore, people with a higher subjective age are more likely to be sedentary and have a faster rate of cognitive deterioration, all of which might lead to a hospital visit. People who feel older may benefit from regular health treatments, such as physical activity and exercise programs, which may lower their risk of depression and chronic disease and their chance of being admitted to the hospital.

Your mind plays a vital role in your physical health; if you keep telling yourself that you are too old to do things, your body will also start acting the way your mind deceives.

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