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Improved Communication

When I could no longer fix my relationship on my own, I turned to Reta for help. he provided a safe space for my partner and me to share our struggles and frustrations…

Deleting Resentment

Resentment begins as the deep hurt at being treated unfairly, quickly becomes a mental rehearsal and when allowed to settle, it is toxic to our inner lives and our relationships

The Root of your Disconnection.

Dive into any couples relationship book[1] and you will hear that couples fight, hurt, betray and separate because they aren’t

Setting and Maintaining Boundaries

Are you excluded from the invite list? The last to hear from friends? Ignored by a group that you want to be part of?

Making Change Last

Disappointed by your partner’s bad habits, promises and little movement in the direction you hoped for, you have said, “People don’t change”.