Hi! I’m Reta. Think of me as your, “Couples Concierge.”

I wasn’t always a Therapist…
And that’s a good thing.

Here is WHY I created the Fast-Track Relationship Fix™ program.

My Journey

Since we’re getting to know each other, transparency is a great way to start.

I grew up around relationships.At 9 years old, following the death of my father and living among various families, I keenly observed couples in connection. (I guess you can say this was my true calling)..

Even when “life happened,” my calling was never replaced.

In the thick of motherhood and a successful, fast-paced career in sales, I began part-time studies in Psychology and Social Sciences in pursuit of my passion—determined to make a difference.

This relentless mission to help people thrive in relationships led me all the way to post graduate degrees and my therapist’s chair, where I saw firsthand how couples struggled to find solutions that worked, and results that lasted.

You know when you enjoy something so much, you just can’t get enough?

That was me. I “nerded” out on all things therapist.

  • I hosted retreats.
  • I facilitated corporate workshops.
  • I worked with top 100 Companies, counselling staff and employees.
  • I achieved multiple cross-disciplinary certifications in various specializations.
  • I created a mental health program adopted by the Provincial government
  • I trained and mentored other professionals.

Yet, since the early days of my practice, I have been the student:

I listened to what couples in distress said when they were truly honest.

I kept notes on the exercises that worked best.

I created individualized programs for my clients, that addressed their concerns & goals, delivering them a guide to success.

“Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. “

My Epiphany

Couples need to start working on Relationship sooner than later.

So they will eliminate the tension and negativity that puts a cloud over significant goals. So they will have needed energy for what matters. Positive change is time sensitive.

Couples need Focus.

Many couples just skim the surface when they seek help, become overwhelmed and quickly move on to the next stressor and more immediate demands of life. Having vented, they feel  relief and assume incorrectly that their relationship is repaired. When issues arise later, and repeatedly, couples feel increasingly helpless to make real change and hopeless that their relationship is viable.

Couples need a clear understanding of their issues and an action plan.

It is so easy to get sidetracked with past wrongs and who’s to blame. These need to be addressed quickly and effectively. Then relationship repair must have an action plan. The action plan, your vision and commitment help you reduce future problems.

I’ll say it. I believe that everyone should have a therapist. It doesn’t even need to be me.

But I also believe that, with the exception of occasional ‘tune-ups’, there should be a start and an endpoint.

Truth is, I’m not interested in having endless sessions with clients when I know they can repair their relationship with the Fast-Track Fix.

My Full Circle Moment.

My life’s purpose wasn’t “interrupted” by my sales career & family. It was enhanced by it.

My previous career and training demanded a focus on goals and immediate results, I combine this ethic with a real passion for helping couples—with no apologies!THIS, is how the Fast-Track Relationship Fix™ was born.

When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready... The teacher will Disappear.

― Tao Te Ching

My dedication to the success of seeing lasting, LOVING, relationships is the engine behind The Fast-Track Relationship Fix™.

Now I’m here with over 20 years of experience and determined to help YOU make and keep meaningful connections through The Fast-Track Relationship Fix™!

I help couples connect & thrive in their relationships.

…and save them years in couples therapy!

The Fast-Track Relationship Fix™ Program

In my Fast-Track Relationship Fix Program, I assess your relationship and provide an action plan in two 60 minute sessions while you enjoy the immediate benefits of a more bonded relationship. The assessment identifies the issues that are breaking you apart and provides an action plan to rebuild the way you want.

When we uncover what you need from each other and how you want to connect, your relationship can recover in a few short weeks just as easily as it can in a few months.

It may sound too good to be true but this program is a specific and proven process developed over 20 years of helping couples find love. Couples who felt that their relationship was over now have a blueprint to Lasting Love.

Let’s hear what those who have worked with Reta have to say

“Me and my wife have been trying to work things out and save our marriage. The traditional ways of making your marriage work have never worked out for us. We tried everything including many couple therapy sessions with different therapists but nothing seemed to work. This is when we came across Reta, since the first session she highlighted some very important issues that were leading us to part ways. She worked on improving communication and tips that brought me and my wife closer. Now we have a beautiful daughter and we are the happiest in our lives. Thank you Reta for saving us and showing us what we have been missing.”

Alvin and Lena

Alvin and Lena

“My girlfriend is and I have been in a relationship in the last six years and we both have busy schedules. We have been trying for a family since years and we still have no news. We have even tried a couple’s counselor in the past and even have seen doctors but all went down the hill. Meeting Reta was the best thing that has happened to us and through her counseling in improving connection it has worked wonders. We have had three sessions up till now and me and Lauren feel even more motivated towards getting more. It has brought us even closer and has brought out the spark that has been missing. Now we are like two teenagers in love.”

Mark and Lauren

Mark and Lauren

“Reta has brought our relationship come back to life after marriage. She knows love, and she is a person who does not just push you or blame you. Her therapy makes you realize where you are going wrong, and you want to fall for your partner again and again after seeing her. She is the best marriage counselor and couple’s therapist I have come across so far. My relationship had many issues, and my partner thought we would lose our minds even though we had so much love for each other. Reta saved us. We love you so much for helping us through our time. Love and prayers.

Mathew and Anthony

Mathew and Anthony