Individual Counseling


Do you feel sad or hopeless?
Are you wondering if life is worth living?

You may be suffering from depression.
Depression requires treatment of the body, mind and soul.  We can help you:

  • Find the connection between your sadness and your thoughts.

  • Discover what you are getting out of being sad?

  • Look at many different ways of thinking.

  • Choose thinking that changes your feelings.

  • Learn the skill of being neutral and objective about painful events such as the loss of a loved one or difficult life circumstances.

  • Connect with your spiritual side.  Spiritual attitudes such as the belief in a higher purpose and expressing one’s faith in daily affirmations, meditation and prayer can improve your coping skills for depression and related difficulties.


Facts about stress:

  • Some stress is necessary for your survival and to help you have a healthy level of motivation.

  • When the demands of life are greater than what you believe you can do, the result is STRESS

  • Relationships can be very stressful.

Thankfully, there are ways to defuse and reduce the harmful effects of stress.

Reta Faye has developed a workbook to help you master stress.  "Mastering Stress" is a comprehensive program that changes your life by teaching you:

  • Self Care

  • Coping Skills

  • Believe in Yourself

  • Goal Achievement

  • How to Simplify Your Life

  • Right Thinking

Whether the issue is self esteem, anger, anxiety, fear or guilt, counseling with Reta will help you understand your feelings and the beliefs behind them.  Reta uses a solution focused, goal oriented approach and helps you develop life skills necessary for healing or life fulfillment.

Understanding that personal and professional relationships offer great potential as well as challenge, Reta has developed tools that make your life easy.

Your emotional health rests on four pillars: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness.  Effective counseling will challenge you in these four important areas.